There have been plenty of animated Batman movies across over the decades. From Batman: Mask of the Phantasm to Batman The Killing Joke. Every Batman film has it’s own twist to each comic. Batman Bad Blood took the mantel of several bat figures in the film. We didn’t just have Batman and Robin, but also Batwoman, Nightwing, and Batwing. All of these characters who played well, especially Nightwing. I have always been a fan of Nightwing and his comics. I felt like this was an accurate display of the Nightwing I grew to love. So, how’d I feel about this movie, and would I buy it? Let’s find out!

Let’s do one question at a time. How’d I feel about this movie? I enjoyed it. The characters were interesting and unique. I did think it got a little out of hand at some points, but we’ll get to those later. The movie is interesting because it takes a more realistic side of the character Batman. Batman is always displayed as this invincible detective who is always on the right side. This film though, showed that even the greatest can fall. With batman getting captured by Talia Al Gul (voiced by Morena Baccarin), and her brainwashing him, it shows that Batman isn’t invincible. Now, the structure of the film was well laid out. I feel like all the characters were given enough screen time, and I also felt that the film brought several surprises.

For instance when the older version of Damian Wayne reveals himself, I was surprised. This surprised though wasn’t one I was too happy about though. I felt like it got a little crazy with them cloning and all that, but it wasn’t enough for me to get annoyed about it. I just probably wouldn’t have had that. This was a big reveal to the show, but I probably still wouldn’t have added it. Another surprised is when older Damian Wayne (we’ll call him ODM) is attacking the vault, and Robin (voiced by Stuart Allen) comes to stop them. Robin gets hit to the floor and one of the attackers start killing him. ODM shouts for him to stop, but the attacker is too caught up in the moment. ODM then shoots the attacker in the back. This causes surprise for the audience. Why would the leader attack one of his own men on a heist. Later, though it is revealed why. Because he’s working for Talia Al Gul and ODM needs Robin’s memories to become a real person.


Now, it’s time to get to the two main characters I wanted to talk about: Nightwing & Batwoman. I felt like Batwing and Robin were good characters to the show, especially Robin, but I thought the other two shined throughout the film. Nightwing’s bitterness with Bruce Wayne is obvious, but his willingness to see pass that and to wear the batman suit shows that he’s learning to live in a world out of Bruce’s shadow. Dick Grayson (voiced by Sean Maher) use to be Robin, but he moved on and became something more, and when Gotham needed him to be Batman, he did. Batwoman (voiced by Yvonne Strahovski). Wow, where to begin. Her backstory is tragic, which I’m starting to think you need to become a vigilante, but her character is well played. She endured much, and it is easy to see that she is still tormented by her pass. Batwoman is different from the rest of the group, by using guns. She has more of a military background than any of the rest, and I think this is what makes her more different then any other bat out there.

Overall what did I think of the film? I liked it. I thought it was a well scripted movie that I would rate four and half stars. I did like some other batman films more, like the Killing Joke, but I did like the turn that this film took.

Now for the big question: would I buy it? Yes, but the good news is you don’t have to if you have Netflix you can watch Batman Bad Blood for free! It’s totally worth watching people! I would recommend it!

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