Welcome to Jmanthoughts.com. A place where ideas are posted and critics are welcomed. On this blog, we’re going to talk about all kinds subjects. Pop culture is probably the biggest influence, but we dive into all kinds of topics: from movie reviews to talking about the Amazon Rainforest. We want everyone to have something they can like on this blog.

Our Goal?

We’re dedicated to delivering the best quality and information we can for you guys! We make sure all out sources are accurate, reliable, and try to find multiple websites/people saying the same thing. The goal of this website is to just share our thoughts on popular pop culture, global issues, and other subjects

Let’s Have Some Fun!

I’m just excited to talk to you guys about movies, games, and anything else. This website is for me to share my thoughts with y’all and to let you guys get a heads up on good movies, bad games, and more! I hope that you guys learn something from this site, and enjoy yourselves.