Now, you may not know this, but I am a huge reptile fan. Reptiles are a passion of mine that has been with me since I was seven years old, and got my first reptile ever: a Leopard Gecko. Ever since then, reptiles have been an inspiration of mine, and I love to talk about them.

Reptiles are so unique compare to other animals, and they have a whole community around them. Reptile shows pop up in every state, breeding reptiles is an amazing experience, and even just teaching someone who didn’t know anything about reptiles is something that the community loves to do. From snakes to Bearded Dragons, reptiles are unique and interesting animals.

There is a reason though, I’m just now talking about reptiles. If I’ve loved reptiles since I was seven, why have I waited until just now to talk about them? That’s I decided that reptiles were too big of a topic for me to talk about on this website. They deserve their own website! Yes, that’s right! If you are a reptile fan or just want to know more information on reptiles, than check out our new website:

Reptile Thoughts is a blog/website that explores different topics of the reptile world, and we’ve already made tons of content for the website. If you want to know how to take care of a reptile, look at the tons of care-sheets we’ve made from salamanders to the common crested gecko.

If you love reptiles, like me, then check out!

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