Alright, one thing we’ve got to get straight before we start. Ready? I love Snapple. With that in mind, let’s begin. Welcome people, to the very first Jmanthoughts food review! Today, we will be talking about Snapple Tea, specifically the mango flavor. The Snapple brand is one that is pretty recognizable by now, but even more than that, there slogan:

Made from the best stuff on earth!

The amazing slogan is funny and smart, but tea is what brings people back to Snapple. The sweet tea seams bring back time and time again. We’re gonna about several things about the tea. The main three points will be does it taste good, how healthy is it, and are there better brands of tea to choose from? These three points are the most important, in my opinion than the rest. For me, these are the decision makers for me to buy the drink. With all this mind, let’s begin our review on Mango Snapple Tea.


Mango Madness Snapple Tea, is pretty good. Snapple has been around for awhile, and has targeted audiences looking for a refreshing, yet sweet drink. It also doesn’t hurt to have funny facts on the lid of your drink, but specifically the Mango Madness is refreshing for my taste. If your looking for a sweet and tropical style sweet tea, then you should go with the Mango Madness Tea. It’s delicious, if like sweet tea. Now, I keep mentioning the word sweet, because if there’s one thing that Snapple has, it’s sweet tea. This tea taste very sugary, and for some flavors doesn’t like tea, but more like juice. For instance the Strawberry and Kiwi Snapple drink is so sweet, it doesn’t taste like tea. I like it, but if I’m looking for a relaxing taste of tea, I don’t go for it. Mango isn’t as sweet, but still is very sweet. So beware, but enjoy. This leads to my next point.


Health. Is the drink healthy? This depends on what you think is healthy, but my answer would be: it’s not the healthiest, but it’s better than a soda. With calories, 12oz of the Mango Madness is 120 calories. By the way I would like to add that in the ingredients slot, it says that they make their tea with fresh leaves. Isn’t that nice…

Ingredients are (in order): Filtered Water, Sugar, Citric Acid, Tea, Natural Flavors. So not to many stuff in Snapple’s tea. At least it’s not one of those drinks that has like thirty ingredients just for like a drink of water. 😀 Anyway, they list the ingredients by how much is in the product. Sugar is number two, followed by citric acid, These two are both not the healthiest thing, but you got to keep in mind that there aren’t a lot of ingredients in the drink overall.


Snapple has many competitors: Arizona, Lipton, Brisk, Peace Tea, Gold Peak, and more. These are all fierce competitors, especially the first three. Arizona tea is shooting through the roof. It’s tea is delicious, you get a big can of it, and all for under a dollar. Brisk tea takes going sweet to a whole new level, but it’s delicious as well. I’ve also started enjoying Peace Tea. All these brands are delicious, but how do they compare to Snapple’s Mango Madness? I love Snapple, but I love Arizona tea as well. I think Snapple tea exceeds most brands, but it really depends on what your looking for with an ice tea. I think Arizona tea, and I’m using Arizona because it’s one of the biggest tea companies right now, has a more natural tea taste, but Snapple has a more refreshing taste. Like I said, I’ll leave it up to you.

So there you have it. Snapple’s Mango Madness tea is delicious and refreshing. Not the healthiest, but still good. I would choose if I wanted a quick cool drink, or if I want something delicious. Thanks for reading today, and let me know what you want to hear about! I also have posts on all other subjects. Go ahead and check them out! Thanks guys, and I’ll see you later.

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