Overwatch is an ever-changing game. This may be with adding characters and adding buffs or nerfs. Another way this could happen is through changing the theme of your display and characters. One way, Blizzard Entertainment does this is through each season: Christmas, Halloween, Summer, etc.

Today we’re gonna be talking about The Halloween Terror theme. This can be pretty fun, especially for those who like campaigns and story modes, these themes are great for that. These themes for Halloween are pretty fun, and you get all kinds of new stuff. This could be new skins, emotes, stickers, but I love is they sometimes release a special game mode in the arcade. On Overwatch’s Halloween Terror we have the arcade game mode called: Junkenstein’s Revenge. We’ll talk about Junkenstein’s Revenge 2018. Let’s get started!Overwatch-Halloween-skins-1

We’ll start with the game mode, Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge. This game mode is can be pretty fun. They have two main version, and then four levels for each mode. The first mode is the traditional/original version of this little story. You can choose from four difficulties of hardness: Medium, hard, expert, and legendary. There are four character slots, and you get to pick between, Brigitte (The Shieldmaiden), Torbjorn (The Viking), Hanzo (The Archer), Genji (The Swordsman), Widowmaker (The Countess), Zenyatta (The Monk), Soldier 76 (The Soldier), McCree (The Gunslinger), Tracer (The Wil-o-Wisp), and Ana (The Alchemist). From these characters you got to fight off these evil omnics called Zomnics on the map Echeinwalde. Though it’s been decorated and certain parts have been changed for the game! You keep the Zomnics and the Zombardier away from the gate. The Zomnics blow up as they head towards the gate, while the Zombardiers attack the gate from afar. These Zomnics and Zombardiers only attack the gate, but can hurt you.

Now, as you defend the gate you get a few special characters who show up. The first one reaper-overwatch-halloween-4k-7h.jpgis the Reaper. Reaper, shows up and he starts attacking the characters. He’s mainly a distraction while the zomnics go after the gate. Reaper shows up at the 5:40 part of the game. You want to get rid of him as fast as possible. He may not be a huge threat, but he can be if you let him. Don’t let him.

25b56857e875a215-600x400Roadhog is your next villain who shows up, and he’s not something to mess with. It’s not that he does a lot of damage, though he does, but mainly the fact that he won’t die! You just keep shooting him, but he some how manages to live. Again kill him as soon as you can. Roadhog arrives at 3:45 after Reaper does. Take him out.

OVR_Halloween2017_020.0Beware, as you next villain get’s closer. Don’t worry it’s only Symmetra. She’s more of a nuisance than an actual threat, but when she first appears, she uses her ultimate ability. This stops you from attack the zomnics from the other side of the map. Symmetra comes 2:45 after Roadhog. You can see they’re starting to come sooner. Kill them!

OW_HalloweenLegendarySkins_TG_0072.0At this point, you’re getting pretty close to the end. Probably the hardest boss arrives, Dr. Junkenstein arrives. He’s on a ledge and shoots these bombs that deal a ton of damage! Watch out for these bombs. Their damage can kill you easily. He’s a huge threat people! Watch out! He arrives at the 1:45 mark. Be careful.

overwatch-change-coming-to-mercy-skin-per-fan-request.jpg.optimalThe final boss arrives! She’s considered the Angel of Death or as The Witch, Mercy! Mercy is crazy strong because she keeps healing other bosses. During this point other bosses like Reaper and Roadhog have been returning and it’s really hard to kill them with Mercy healing them. Take out Mercy and you can take out the rest. At this point the other bosses have returned, so be careful. Mercy and her friends arrive at the final point. This is a crucial part in the game mode. Don’t die. Survive! Live!


That’s the basics of the Junkenstein’s Revenge classic game mode. The other version is that it’s endless. You see how long you can survive while the onslaught continues. It get’s crazy.

That’s Junkenstein’s Revenge 2018. It’s pretty fun and I’m glad that I get to play it. It’s a fun event that only comes once a year. So take the opportunity. It’s only available from October 9-31. Take this chance a play Overwatch people! Have a good day, and I’ll talk to ya guys later.


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