For those of you who don’t know, I’m a Blizzard Entertainment fan. Starting with Warcraft III I’ve fallen in love with Blizzard’s games. Starcraft II Wings of Liberty was and still is one of my favorite games. Hearthstone is my new obsession right now, but I will always love all these other games. These are the games I grew up with, and I will always cherish them. When I first heard of Blizzcon, I was so excited. I mean this has some of my favorite games ever, and they’re all in one place! I was stoke. I’ve never gone, but at this Blizzcon, 2018, I’ve finally bought a Virtual Ticket (VT). It’s not exactly what I wanted, but I’m excited. I’m hoping that next year I’ll be able to go. We’ll see.

Now, Blizzcon 2018 is starting to come upon us, and I wanted to spend this time talking about what I’m excited for and rumors that I’ve heard about it. Y’all ready? Let’s go!

What’s Blizzcon?

Blizzcon is an annual Blizzard Entertainment Convention. It’s purpose, is to celebrate Blizzard games and more. When the Blizzcon was held on the 5th of October, and then they only had Warcraft and Starcraft. Now, Blizzcon has six games, including Diablo, Hearthstone, Heroes of The Storm, and most recently Overwatch. Overwatch was a huge release in 2014, and this wasn’t just a new game, but a new universe that Blizzard Entertainment was releasing. At that point Blizzard hadn’t released a game into a new universe in 17 years. 17! But we won’t get to deep into that now.

But Blizzcon is a convention where people are suppose to get together to play, explore, laugh, and share new experiences all together. It’s a moment where Blizzard fans can go and share their love for gaming together. These are huge moments for your favorite Blizzard games as well. For instance, the game Hearthstone usually has a new expansion revealed, same with World of Warcraft. Overwatch is usually teasing people about new heroes coming out, and new maps. This event changes all of the Blizzard games a lot.

Things I’m Excited About This Year!

Every Blizzcon is different, 2014 we had the announcement of Overwatch, 2016 we had one of the best cosplay competitions ever, and 2017 Vanilla World Of Warcraft was announced to come back. This year I’m excited about everything. I will admit, of all the Blizzard games I haven’t played a lot of the Diablo series or Hero of the Storms. I do love Diablo, and I like Heroes of the Storm, but I just enjoy the other games more. With that in mind I’m still excited about everything. Let’s go through my top three, shall we?

  • I’m excited about all the little nick knacks that you get from buying the VT. This is my first time buying the VT, and I’m excited to see what it brings. This stuff can be like card backs in Hearthstone, new skins for different heroes in Overwatch, a portrait in Starcraft II. I love these little things, and maybe it’s a little silly, but I love getting them. 🙂
  • Next would be the excitement of actually being the first to see this stuff be revealed, and the competitions. I love watching a new Hearthstone expansion be released, and I love watching the battles that players have. Players from all over the world come around to compete in these competitions and it’s so cool!
  • Finally, I love the cosplay competition. Seeing cosplay seems to bring the games I love a little bit closer to real-life. The skill and talent these people put into their costumes is amazing. The dedication, the perseverance, and the pure love of the art is what makes it amazing. Some of these people spend months to years on a project. Some do full body costumes, some just do silly basic ones. I love it when people mix and match different characters together and make it their own. Below I have some of my favorite Blizzcon cosplays.

My Favorite Rumor About Blizzcon 2018!

I’m stoked about this year’s Blizzcon, and I’ve heard several rumors about Blizzcon 2018. My favorite rumor, though, is about Warcraft III. Oh, Warcraft III. The originality, the beautiful game play, the hands down best RTS game ever! Which is saying a lot with the Starcraft games and more. In 2017, Starcraft I, made in 1998, had a remastered version released. This gave the game a cleaner look, a better feel, and now is able to be played on any computer today. It’s also on the Blizzard’s site.


There are rumors floating around, saying that Warcraft III will get remastered. Could you imagine that! Warcraft III remastered. I personally would love to see this come true. Since WoW has crossed over and made the lore of Warcraft a little crazy, the concept of a Warcraft IV is not as realistic. This is not true for a remastered Warcraft III. I genuinely hope it happens. I think that Warcraft III remastered is a way to get us original Warcraft III guys something to fight for! I would love to see this happen. Hopefully, this rumor is true.

Thank you guys for reading this! I just felt like writing about this today. I hope y’all enjoyed it, and for anyone who doesn’t/didn’t know what Blizzcon is, read. I love writing about this stuff, and I love Blizzcon. Blizzcon 2018 is gonna be so much, and anyone who goes enjoy it! Thanks y’all, have a good day!

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