Warcraft III is thought as one of the best RTS games of all times. The Warcraft franchise is one of the best story lines, and it all started as an RTS game. Warcraft III Reforged is a chance for Blizzard to bring back one of their best games in the most beautiful way. This new version offers new graphics, that hasn’t been set in stone yet, that should help pave the way for new Warcraft III players. The graphics make the game more modern, and remastering the game allows players to download the game easier and more efficiently. The game will be put on the battle.net server which will make the game X10 easier to download, play, and enjoy. So let’s go into detail about Warcraft Reforged.

P.S. I totally called that Warcraft III Reforged would come out a few weeks before Blizzcon 2018. If you want to see that post click here.


Let’s start with the graphics of Warcraft III Reforged. Don’t forget that Blizzard has made it clear that not all of the graphics are permanent. I think that the graphics are beautiful and amazing in their own standards, but that compared to the original game, they are drastic changes. Maybe too drastic. Now of course, this isn’t every single graphic change in the game. For instance, I think the rifleman is beautiful in the remastered addition.

When you look at the rifleman in the standard addition it’s just a man with a rifle in a cloak. It’s beautifully simple, but the rifleman in the remastered addition, keeps the simplicity while captivating the rifleman in detail. I think it’s gorgeous, and a great update. Now let’s take a look at the footman. The footman in remastered is beautiful, but does it remind you of the original footman. This one did not. I feel like they redid just a bit to much. This is my opinion and in the video of Grubby, professional Warcraft 3 player, streaming the Warcraft III remastered, he mentions this point too. The link to that part is right here(skip to 15:08 if you just want to see this part). Grubby is kinda like the bridge between us and Blizzard. He helps communicate this for us, but of course shout your opinions through forums, social media, and more. Nothing is final. Blizzard wants your feedback. So give it. 🙂

Next, is how this will be compared to the other classic remastered, Starcraft. Starcraft Remastered was a big deal, but already we can see that it’s not getting nearly as much explosion as Warcraft III Reforged is getting. Starcraft Remastered didn’t have as many changes AS many changes. Starcraft Remasted, from what I know, was mainly updating graphics and game play, but this does not seem to be the case with Warcraft III Reforged. This is given in the response to Warcraft III Remastered, as well as the amount of work Blizzard is putting into this game. They’re adding new things, creating a whole new set of graphics, and more. Right now they have the original voice actors, but the finish product will allow you to switch between original voice actors and the new ones.


Finally, is the opening cinematic. Oh, it’s so beautiful. The orc and human are stunning. STUNNING I TELL YOU! LOOK AT IT! Sorry, I need to calm down. The opening cinematic is the first Blizzard cinematic I watched, and will always have a spot in my heart. It’s one of the most captivating moments, for me, in all of Warcraft III. This is when you know, that it’s bigger than just the orcs and humans. There’s something more at hand. The infernal is beautiful in this cinematic as well. Seeing this, in high definition, makes me so happy. This is when I knew that this Remastered addition was gonna be good. This trailer, cinematic, moment in history is when I knew that that they knew what they were doing, and they were going to put their hearts into it.

These are my thoughts on the Warcraft III Reforged. I love the original so much, and I will always cherish it. I’m excited, stoked, and can’t wait for the game to be released in 2019. If you want more info, go to playwarcraft3.com. I hope y’all get just as excited as me, and when the game gets more info, you bet y’all’s a** I’m gonna be posting it. Thanks everyone! Until next time!

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