Almost anyone knows who the legendary Batman is. He’s the vigilante hero of Gotham, and one of the founder of the Justice League. Batman’s character is a rough one, but he does a has a soft spot when it comes to certain people. Bruce Wayne, A.K.A. Batman, is a character that will always have a spot in my heart.

There are a lot of Batmans though, and I’ve spent time researching them all. From the bad to the good, I’ve analysed and figured out my favorite EVIL Batmans. Now, this will only cover the seven evil Batman’s in the METAL Comic series. Also this is my personal opinion. This isn’t by strength or how evil one is to the other.


I will also eventually will give each Batman their own post.

Before we start, let’s talk about where all these Dark Knights come from. The Batman we know and love is from the Light multiverse. These evil Batmans are from the Dark multiverse. This multiverse is a wretched and horrible dimension filled with horrible outcomes, but all the earth’s in this dimension eventually destroy themselves. This is an effect of living in the Dark multiverse. We’ll talk more about this at the end.

7. Dawnbreaker


Dawnbreaker is the first one on my list. Now, I love all of these versions of Batman, but I like this one the least because of I’ve never been the biggest fan of the green lantern core. Don’t get me wrong, I love Green Lantern, but he’s just not my favorite. With this in mind though, I love Dawnbreaker. His backstory of the Green Lantern Ring finding him is intriguing, and it makes sense on emotional level. Bruce uses the ring’s power to kill the man who killed his parents. This is against the Green Lantern Core though, but his pure will is enough to overcome the ring and to kill the man. He continues to kill Gotham’s villains, but the Green Lantern Core come to get the ring back from Bruce. Bruce then uses the ring to summon his inner demons and kills the Green Lantern Core. He then becomes the Dawnbreaker.

6. The Drowned


Out of all the Batman characters in this list, this one is the only one that isn’t a man. If this one doesn’t count to you, then skip it. This character is an interesting yet heartbreaking character. Bryce Wayne is anti-metahuman fanatic. She hates metahumans after the death of the love of her life, Sylvester Kyle. When the Atlantians first make contact with the surface world, Bryce immediately thinks they’re evil. Tensions are high and eventually Atlantis floods Gotham City. This causes Bryce to genetically modify herself to be able to live underwater. Bryce has a straightforward goal: To flood the world, so they can know her loss.

5. The Merciless


The Merciless is one of the most unique versions of Batman. Batman and Wonder Woman have been in a fierce war for years against the God of War, Ares. Ares has a magical helmet that amplifies his powers. Over the course of them fighting, Batman and Wonder Woman fall in love. One day, they’re fighting Ares, and Ares kills Wonder Woman. Seeing no other way, Batman is able to get the helmet off of Ares and puts it on himself. He’s able to kill Ares. When he’s finished, Wonder Woman wakes up. It turned out Ares had just cast a spell on her, and he didn’t kill her. The helmet starts to mess with Batman’s mind, and he begins to want to kill every villain on the planet. Wonder Woman tries to help him, but eventually Batman kills Wonder Woman. He then calls himself the Merciless.

4. The Murder Machine


On this earth, Earth 44, the criminals of Batman figure out his identity, and they want to send a message to Bruce Wayne in a big way. They do something that is almost unspeakable: They kill Alfred. Alfred’s death nearly tears Batman apart, and the Justice League tries to help Bruce move on, but he won’t. Bruce eventually recruits, Cyborg to help him work on an A.I. for a new Alfred. Seeing the pain Bruce is in, Cyborg agrees. With all of this, they succeed. The new Alfred is determined on keeping Batman safe. Long story short, the new Alfred wants to keep Batman safe, and decides that human flesh is to weak. The hologram traps Bruce and turns most of his body into mostly iron. It also derives Bruce from emotions that can hurt him. Eventually he gets the name Murder Machine because he kills the entire Justice League. He kills Cyborg last.

3. The Devastator


For some reason, in this world, Superman turns evil. He begins to kill innocent people, and Batman is determined to stop him. Batman and Superman fight, but Superman is kicking Batman’s butt. He even cuts off Bruce’s arm. Bruce is on the ground barely breathing. It seemed Superman had one. Bruce saw no other way out and injected himself with the Doomsday Virus. Turning Bruce Banner into a giant Doomsday, and even regrowing his arm, Batman is able to kill Superman. Batman wishes he had used this serum sooner. Who knows how many lives would have been saved. Ha decides he should inject everyone with the Doomsday serum. This way everyone can protect themselves, in case another evil Superman comes.

2. Red Death


From this earth, Earth 52, Bruce wants to take the Flash’s ability to go threw time. He wants to use Barry Allen’s connection to the speed force to save his parents. The Flash says no, knowing the consequences of traveling threw time. Batman wants the power anyway, so he and the Flash begin to fight. The Flash is winning the fight, pretty easily if I might say. The Flash is trying to convince Batman not to fight, and Batman goes along until he can inject the Flash with a freeze serum. This stops the Flash for only three seconds, but this is all Bruce needs to knock him out. Barry wakes up on a device similar to the Batmobile. He’s tied down and can’t move. This machine allows Batman to conduct the Flash’s speed to go through time. When they go, this merges Barry and Bruce together.

What we’re left with is a combination of Barry’s speed and powers, but Bruce’s mind and self-confidence. This is good because Bruce will always be fast enough to stop crime around the earth. The Red Death therefore emerges.

1. The Batman Who Laughs


The Batman who laughs is one of the darkest characters I have ever read in a DC comic. This guy has a crazy backstory, and is the leader of the Dark Knights. We’re going to go into more detail about this Batman than the others. Let’s go!

On this earth, Earth 22, the Joker is much more brutal then he is in the Light dimension. Here he’s blowing up hospitals, buildings, warehouses, and more. He’s pushing Batman’s limits. He even kills Jim Gordon, and says that he melted his eyes and heard him scream his daughter’s name. Batman is paralyzed by the Joker, but his mind his still find. The Joker brings Batman to an alley way and recreates the murder of Bruce’s parents. Then releases his Joker gas on the child. This snaps Bruce, and he is able to break free from the poison. He finally crosses the line, like the Joker wanted him too, and kills the Joker. From the Joker’s mouth, a toxin is released, and gets into Bruce’s face.

This was the joker toxin, that he had been creating. Bruce was now infected, but he didn’t say anything to the Justice League or his team. One day, the Justice League corrals all the children who’ve been corrupted by the joker toxin. Superman and the League is looking for a cure. Superman is talking about the children to Batman and says,

A psychologist spoke to one of them this afternoon, and she tried to bite her throat out

Batman chuckles. He later says,

I’m…I’m sorry. That wasn’t funny.

Batman is beginning to feel the effects of the virus. He get’s his team together in the batcave, and he tells them what’s happening. This team includes: Red Hood, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Robin. They remain optimistic, telling Bruce that they’ll find a way to cure him. Batman tells them it’s too late. He continues to say that he brought them here because they would be the first people to know if he was acting differently, and therefore would be able to stop him. He then turns around with two machine guns and murders everyone.

The serum had done it’s work, and finally Batman had taken out all of the Justice League, with weapons they had collected over the years. The only one remaining is Superman, but just barely. Batman brings Lois and his son John, and puts them in front of Superman. Batman then exposes Superman to black kryptonite. This causes Superman to kill Lois and John. Then the Batman Who Laughs kills Superman.

Batman also turns his son Damion into a psychopathic Robin. All the children that were effected by the joker toxin were dressed up into Robin costumes, and trained by Batman to be ruthless killers. They were his dogs.

The Batman who laughs conquers the entire world, and killed every single person or turned them into one of his dogs. All this is for nothing, because his world will be destroyed because it’s in the Dark dimension. This is when the entity Barabtos comes, and tells Batman about the Light dimension, and want the Batman Who Laughs to lead the Dark Knights. Of course, he agrees.

And there you have it guys. My favorite Dark Knights in order. These guys are so cool, and I can’t wait to learn more about them. I’ll of course have a blog on the Batman Who Laughs origin comic book. This will be a blast to review. I had fun talking to you guys about it! Have a good day!

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