Avengers Infinity War left us on one of the biggest cliffhangers in the history of movies. Everyone wants an ending to be fulfilling, but this film, for me, was anything but that. For those of you who are to lazy to actually watch one of the best Marvel films ever, SPOILERS are coming. TURN AWAY NOW!

In Avengers Infinity War, Thanos is able to collect all of the Infinity Stones. He’s able to do the famous finger snap. He snaps the fingers and half of humanity is turned into dust. This is including Nick Furry, Groot, Bucky, Starlord, and Spider-Man.  Which, by the way, was probably the most emotional part of the film.

Mr. Stark…I’m not feeling to well.

This teardropping moment makes everyone, even the most heartless people in the world would agreed to this. This scene was wonderfully acted by Tom Holland, and created a generous feel to the scene, but that’s not what we’re talking about today. Today, we’re showing proof that Avengers 4 is in fact, gonna be a movie with time travel. I’ve done rigorous research about this topic and more. With YouTube as my friend and Wikepedia as my relative, I have deducted several pieces of research that will keep you interested, and informed for the next time you have a conversation with your friends about Avengers 4. If your anything like me, you want as much information about Avengers 4 that you can get. I’m going to give you as much info I can in this post. Today, I’ll explain this theory with three major points: The leaked footage from Marvel Studios, the details in Avengers Infinity War, and other bloggers/YouTubers support. You excited? I am.

1. Photo Leaked


From an unknown source, a picture was released showing Captain America, Tony Stark, and Ant-Man all in the same place. Once you began to look, you see that Captain America is in his original, Avengers 1, uniform. Ant-Man and Steve Rogers have never met in Avengers 1. UNLESS, they time traveled into the pass. Also the uniform of Ant-Man is the one in Ant-Man 2. This is one proof that they’re gonna use time travel to take out Thanos. If this is true, then it looks like we’re gonna take a blast to the past, and revisit our first Avengers movie.

81e45a670932d588694a87118958fa05Next, there is a second photo leaked too. This one shows Tony Stark walking through a door, in a full out shield uniform. Tony Stark has never previously been seen wearing a shield uniform, but also if you loo closely, this is the same building that they escort Loki out of New York. In this picture, to the left is Tony in the uniform. To the right is Loki being escorted, and we can see Thor, walking with Loki. Thor has his original hair and uniform on. It’s not definite, but my guess is that’s the Thor from Avengers 1. The Thor from that timeline. My guess, and this is just a theory, they’re gonna try to destroy the Tesseract. This is just a hunch, but I think it’s a reasonable guess. Let me know if it’s not.

2. Details of Infinity War

capwidow-blogroll-1521140703781_1280wInfinity War is the setup for the next film. From this film we can get dig out hints and clues for the next movie. A lot of people are talking about Doctor Strange’s plan. What was his end game. He obviously did all this for a reason, but we’re talking about how chris-3-678x381Avengers 4 will have time travel. The first thing I believe that helps the theory of time travel is the Avengers themselves. They go over huge eye-changing parts. For instance Thor has short hair, Captain America has a beard, Black Widow has blond hair, and more. These changes are drastic changes for our characters. I believe Marvel wanted to do this, because there wanted us to be able to tell the difference of these characters when they time travel. I have no proof to back this off. Just, to me, it makes perfect sense. To have you characters make drastic changes, like Black Widow’shair, without a reason is kinda stupid. One of the things she’s known for is her red hair. Why would change it without a specific meaning to go with it. This seems to be the only reasonable explanation. Wrong. I’m sure there are other explanations too, but that seems to be the best one for me.

thanos-time-stone-avengers-infinity-war-1468202Another possibility to prove that there’s time travel in Avengers 4 are the runes. In the mystic arts, there are several runes that appear when you correct the spell. Doctor strange is well known for having protective spells up. These runes ONLY appear if you’re a master of the mystic arts. Now, this theory is more far fetch than the last one, but if you look at the picture with thanos, it shows the runes as Thanos turns his hand to reverse the destruction of Vision. That shouldn’t be right? Only a master of the mystic arts can use the runes to create a spell, and Thanos isn’t a master of the mystic art. The theory is that Doctor Strange booby trapped the Time Stone. Exactly how is unknown, but some say it’ll reverse the effects of the snap, some think that it won’t involve time travel at all, and some believe that this theory is stupid, and just got overlooked by Marvel. I personally think this is probably more likely, but it’s good to have all the options

3. Blogger and YouTuber’s Support


This point is kinda already known, but I wanted to mention it anyway. If you search Avengers 4 time theory, you’re going to find sooooo much crap. Videos, blogs, posts, everything you can think of. This theory is well-known, and a lot of people are betting that this is how the Avengers will destroy Thanos. Now this post was just to help support that belief, but if you’re new to this theory, look up more videos and theories. This will help you get more adverse in this subject. I personally believe that time travel will be use to beat Thanos. There’s no other way, from what I can see. Maybe Captain Marvel and Ant-Man will find a different way, but from what I can see…nah. I believe time travel is the most likely way for this outcome to come out. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

1539781219-avengers_4_artThere you go guys. Let me know what you guys think. I’m excited to see what’s gonna happen. Do you guys think it’s time travel or do you think it’s something else. Could it be that Doctor Strange booby trapped the Time Stone, or maybe Ant-Man and Captain Marvel will do something else. Whatever it is, I’m so excited to find out! Avengers 4 is the movie I can’t wait to see. It’ll make you cry, it’ll get you excited, and it’ll make you more anxious than ever, seeing if the heroes can beat Thanos. Whether they can or can’t the movie is gonna be great. Ok, I take that back. I’ll only be happy if they win. Until next time…See ya!

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