Mary Poppins has been loved and adored since 1964, and with Disney finally taking the step, their gonna make a sequel. This movie, of course, is going to be called Mary Poppins Returns. Now, as a big fan of the original, I was curious how good was this movie actually going to be. Julie Andrews hadn’t just set a mark for the next Mary Poppins, but she was an icon. How could one replace her?

Easy. Just hire Emily Blunt. Emily Blunt has done a fantastic job in taking over Julie Andrews Mary Poppins. I was astonished when I heard that it wasn’t a remake of the original either, but a sequel. Reason being, they means they have to incorporate the past information to make that work. Knowing Disney, though, I shouldn’t have worried. They have done fantastic work in the past and there’s no reason to doubt them now.

So, I’m excited to be talking about Mary Poppins Returns and the interesting direction the director and producers took with this film. Having the return of Mary Poppins was a risky, yet very profitable, step, but if they took it the wrong way than the movie would receive some terrible backlash. So did they succeed? Let’s find out!

Mary Poppins Returns brings the whimsical feel of the original, but has more than a few new qualities to it too. The new Mary Poppins did a great job in showing that they can bring the Mary Poppins you know and love to life again. Emily Blunt kept the snarkyness and wonderful feeling of Mary Poppins alive, but enough comparing it to the original, let’s review this movie as its own.

Mary Poppins Returns creates an awesome feeling as you watch it. Mixing reality with cartoons creates a sense of wonder for the show, and having those adorable cartoon penguins come back was genius. It copies the original without going to far. Having a cartoon carnival, with an evil wolf tying to steal a bunch of crap, creates a small yet fun story. Having the creativity of being able to fall off the china bowl, was a special move for the movie. It makes the world that their in just a little more ridiculous.

And one thing I got to say, is that I love how the bank is always the enemy in the Mary Poppins films. 🙂

But what really makes this movie great, is the message that it’s sending. Family needs to stick together. No matter what. And Mary Poppins Returns shows that no matter what, family can make it through anything. Mary Poppins Returns is a fantastic movie.

So, that’s my brief review of Mary Poppins Returns. I think that this movie did a great job presenting what it had, and I’m happy that they did such a good job. Thanks for reading! Have a good one!


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