Of all the shows I’ve watched, of all the anime I’ve seen, and of all the time I’ve spent on the TV, Avatar The Last Airbender, by far, is one of my favorites. Avatar The Last Airbender is one of the greatest shows of all time, and creates an unique story with fantastic characters. As a result of The Last Airbender, The Legends of Korra were formed, and hopefully some day we’ll have another Avatar series. But will any of them be as good as Last Airbender? Maybe?

We won’t know until it happens, but until it does, one can dream…

But this post is meant to be a contribution to Avatar The Last Airbender, and to create a brief introduction to any unfortunate soul who hasn’t seen The Last Airbender. There’s actually so much content, that I’m not gonna get to deep into it, but I’m gonna give you some history on the Avatar universe.

P.S. If you have seen Avatar The Last Airbender, than you should know that I’m about to post about a potential new Avatar show. Let’s begin.


The Beginning…Like the VERY Beginning.

So, in the land of avatar, there are four main elements: Air, water, earth, and fire. Of course there are more, but these are the base elements, and a certain few can bend these elements to their own. These few people, are called benders. These benders, can bend these elements to their own, but a person can only bend one element.

As for other elements, such as metal, wood, lava, and more, some can be bent to a certain point. I won’t reveal these, so not to spoil anything for anyone.

There are four nations on the earth. The Fire Nation, The Air Nomads, The Earth Kingdom, and the Water Tribes. Each nation has specific positions and laws for it’s people. For instance the Water Tribes are located in the South and North Pole. Their tribes lye there because they’re water benders, and can bend the snow, ice, and water to whatever shape and form they want it to be.

Spirits and The Spirit World.

Yes. There are spirits in Avatar. In Avatar there are two worlds: One that the mortals live in, and one were the spirits live in. The avatar is the bridge between these two worlds, but we’ll talk about that in a second. Spirits have different forms and can sometimes enter the mortal world during special occasions. Every part of the world, though, has a spirit in it.

Certain spirits are good and some our evil. You need both to keep balance. Spirits emerge at different points for various reasons. For example: If a forest is burned and the spirit (in the spirit world) is over that forest, he may grow mad that it’s home was destroyed, and may enter the mortal world to attack. Spirits can only emerge at certain times. Especially on solstices.

Who is The Avatar?

As I said before, the avatar is the bridge between our world and the spirit world. Long ago, a spirit merged with a human, this allowed the human to become, the avatar. At the time the spirit world and the human world were merged together, but now they’re separate and the avatar connects them both. When the human body dies, the spirit reincarnates into a different person. To keep balance, the Avatar Spirit chooses a person from every nation. It’s the Avatar Cycle. Whenever the avatar reincarnates, it locates into a new born baby of that nation. As soon as the avatar dies, the new one is born. This cycle is air, water, earth, and fire. It’s never air, earth, fire water.

The avatar is unique. It’s a reincarnation spirit, that has the ability to bend all four elements. Only the avatar can bend all four elements. The avatar, typically, doesn’t know they’re the avatar until they turn sixteen. Sixteen is the age where the elders of that persons nation, would tell this person who they were.

Once the avatar knew who he/she was, they would begin their avatar training. This would consists of mastering all four elements. When the Avatar mastered all four elements, he was officially done training, and then his job would be to go around and keep peace between the nations. He represents spirits, every nation, and the world.

Final thing about the avatar is the Avatar State. The Avatar State, is a defense mechanism, that ignites when the Avatar is in mortal danger. It is a state where the spirit in the Avatar ignites inside of him/her, and makes the avatar a lot more powerful. It’s the combination of all your past lives, focusing their strength into his/her’s body. During your avatar training, you are taught on how to control the Avatar State. When you first go into it, your past lives take over, and the avatar can unleash a lot of damage without knowing it. In the Avatar State your at your most powerful, but also your most vulnerable. If your are killed while you’re IN the Avatar State, the Avatar Cycle will cease will have stopped, and the Avatar will not reincarnate.

Final Thoughts…

I love the Avatar universe. From Last Airbender to The Legends of Korra, I’m a fan of Avatar. Avatar the Last Airbender is where I got hooked on it all, but Korra brought new and interesting things to the universe. I’m glad that both shows were made, for they’re unique, interesting, and amazing! Favorite Nickelodeon show, by far. Well, close to Sponge Bob… But no! Avatar is way better!

So there you go guys, I hope I gave you a little info into the Avatar universe. This information, I personally think, is awesome, and everyone should know it! I’ll talk to you guys next time! See ya!


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