YOU is a TV Show, and it’s a Netflix Original. The show is based off of the novel, YOU by Caroline Kepnes. This book is a thriller, meant to keep you curious and tensed. Now, I’ve never read the book, but I’ve recently watched the TV Show. I didn’t know this was a book when I started watching it. I thought I’d do a review on it.

The Netflix Original: YOU

First, I’ll give you a brief summary of the show.

Joe watching Beck

The story is about how a lady named Guinevere Beck, who goes by Beck. She’s a writer, and one day, she goes into a bookstore and meets a guy named Joe. Joe immediately falls in love with Beck, and would do anything for her. As the two begin to fall for each other, they begin to realize certain truths about each other. Joe isn’t all what he seems and Beck isn’t the perfect goddess Joe makes her out to be.

I didn’t want to spoil anything. I just wanted to give you some information about the show. That way, you guys wouldn’t be left in the dark. Warning, from now on there will be spoilers!

This TV show was very interesting to me. To be honest, I only watched it because of three reasons: It was a Netflix Original, because they kept advertising it on my Netflix account, and because it had Elizabeth Lail (who plays Beck in the TV show). But in the end, I’m glad I gave it a try. This show got me thinking about it for awhile. Any show, whether it was good or bad, has you thinking about it for a long period of time, did a good job.

Peach and Beck

YOU was one of those shows where I didn’t like the story line as much, but I needed to know what was gonna happen next. I binged watch this entire series over night, and it was quite the show to watch. Watching Joe (SPOILER WARNING) obsess over Beck was weirdly intriguing. If you’ve ever watched 13 Reasons Why, it’s the same type of feeling. You’re not entirely enjoying it, but you can’t stop watching it. It has this type of pull that makes you watch it.

As the show goes on, you learn about other characters. Like Paco. Paco is a young kid who Joe likes. He acts like Paco’s big brother, and he loves him dearly. Paco’s mom is a drug addict, and is dating a horrible man named Ron who abuses the mom and beats Paco. Paco is fascinated by books and loves to read them. Since Joe is a store manager at a book store, he lends and gives books for Paco to read. Paco is a wonderful character as the show goes on, but near the end, I begin to dislike the character. When it comes to my biggest problem with Paco’s character, I’ll tell you in a second.


Another major character in the show, is Peach. Peach is Beck’s best friend, but is constantly trying to make Beck her toy. Peach is deeply in love with Beck, and whether she’s bisexual or just a lesbian was not clear in the show. Peach is basically the female version of Joe. Obsessed with having Beck. She also stalks and has pictures of Beck and tries to make Beck reliant on her. This was a little weird yet, believe it or not, wasn’t the craziest thing in the show. All this stuff just made me pity Beck. She has two stalkers who are creepily in love with her. Now, I’m not saying that Beck is an angel, in fact she does a lot of crap during the show, but having two stalkers is quite a feat.

But what I really wanted to talk about was the end, and how…disappointing it was. Disappointing, uneasy, dissatisfying, and horrible. The end of the movie with Beck finding a bunch of stuff that he was hiding from her, and the teeth of his victims. He catches her and puts her in a cage. Eventually she attacks him and escapes the cage. She stabs him with a type writer(not kidding) and hits his head with a mallet. As she takes the keys and tries to unlock the door, he comes around and grabs her from behind. Scene goes black and next thing we see is a published book under her name, and people saying she’s dead…

What the heck!? The main girl, no matter what a cheater and a liar she is, was killed. You were want the girl to win, because Joe was such a psychopath, but instead the bad guy one. The girl lost.

My hardest part with this wasn’t the fact that she lost, but how she lost. SHE HIT HIM IN THE HEAD WITH A MALLET! But even still, the hard part to deal with is when she’s trying to open the door and Paco walks by, and she cries for his help. He doesn’t do anything. Instead he walks away, and when she dies, he acts like nothing is different. To me, that’s unbelievable. I don’t believe a kid would ever do that, but whatever. What’s done is done.

In the end, I thought it was a good mystery and thriller TV show. I didn’t like the ending, but I’ll give credit where credit is due, and say that the show isn’t bad and did a good job. I want to read the book now, because books are always better than the shows.

Would I reccomend someone to watch this? Maybe, but most likely not. IF they wanted a good mystery/thriller to watch than yeah, but if not than I wouldn’t want them to get sucked on this roller coaster ride.

There you go guys, that’s my review on the Netflix Original YOU, based off of the novel by Candice Kepnes. Interesting show, and will probably watch season 2.

Why is Netflix Creating Shows Like This?

Why do you think? Because it’s making them money. Look I’m not a huge fan of dramas, but when it comes to these mystery/thrillers, I have to watch it. I need to figure out what’s gonna happen next to the characters. This happened as I watched the show YOU. It’s not that I was enjoying the story line, but I was loving the mystery and the characters.

YOU did a fantastic job initiating this. With leaving off what Joe is gonna do next, is she going to figure out what he did, and are they gonna make it through all the crap? I know that makes me sound like a fourteen year old girl, but what I’m trying to get at is that Netflix is great at creating this stories that lure you in.

13 Reasons Why is another great example of this. The tapes. Those bloody tapes. I had to know what was on those tapes, and the mystery of how it was effecting the school was really interesting to me. The story of it all was fascinating, and the show led you to believe that the main girl, Hannah Baker, was this innocent fawn in the whole mix. With so many horrible things happening to her, and you want to figure out the simple truth: Why did she kill herself?

It’s shows like this that get us interested. Netflix knows this, and will continue to exploit that. As long as we watch shows like 13 Reasons Why or YOU they will continue to make them. I’m not saying these types of shows are bad, but they’re morally horrible or sad. Watching a show about a stalker can’t be to healthy. Or listening to girl tell you why she killed herself isn’t good, but people do it anyway, and that’s because of two reasons. One, humans love drama, especially teens. Two because it’s relate able. Now, having someone stalk you isn’t crazy relate able, but relationship problems is. Having dark thoughts is. Trying to find someone to love you is VERY relate able, and that’s why people get addicted to these shows.

There you go guys have a good one! Hope to see you guys in my next post!

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