What Happened to Monday is an interesting movie. It’s a Netflix Original so can’t be to bad right? Well, I went into this movie not knowing what to expect, but as soon as the movie introduced William Dafoe, I was hooked. I’m not the biggest fan of William Dafoe, though I did love him in Aquaman, but when you’ve got big actors who star in these Netflix Originals, the actor wouldn’t take it if the film wasn’t good…right?

Well, that’s what I thought when I started watching this movie, and I’m glad I did. What Happened to Monday is an interesting and fascinating film. With a unique story line the movie also gives an insight of what could be our future. Now, I don’t think that we’ll have a child law, that’ll kill children and siblings, but I do think that the technology that they displayed in the movie is very possible in the next sixty years. Maybe, maybe not, but I thought it was cool.

The movie is about these seven sisters who are all identical, in every way. This is dangerous for the sisters because of the Child Allocation Act. This means that no family can have more than one child, and anymore children are put into a hibernation of sorts. This means all kids would fall asleep until the world wasn’t over populated. Now, this theory and idea was really neat to me. I thought it was a very creative story line, and having seven children who have to grow up in this type of environment was pretty neat to me.

Each kid is named after another day of the week. Each girl is pretty awesome! Especially Friday and Saturday. Friday had me by the heart. Taking me on an emotional roller coaster. Friday is different than the other six. Her personality is more timid and fragile. Saturday I liked for her bad*** personality. She’s tough and can hold her own, like Thursday. Of all the sisters my favorite are Saturday, Friday, and Thursday. What’s cool is that they all look a like, yet they’re all their own person.


It took me a second to figure out that Monday was the villain, but it made complete sense once I figured it out. Having one of the sisters disappear in the movie was genius. Not only does it put all the sisters at risk, but it gives them a chance to highlight what their best at.

I liked how the movie evolved around Thursday. Her passion and ferocity was amazing in this movie. She grows as a character, from wanting to leave the family into becoming it’s leader. She becomes the hero and leader that the seven needed in this time of trouble, and she evolves into this character as the show continues.

One thing I didn’t expect in the beginning was that most of them were gonna die. I thought it was an interesting move because it’s good in the sense that you’re routing for them to survive, but it’s bad too because it’s hard to keep track who is who. Someone may have died, and you’re just trying to keep track of who’s dead.

Overall, I loved the movie. I thought it was funny, but also great at keeping it’s audience focus on the story. As characters begin to die one by one, you begin to hold on tighter for the ones that are still alive. If I was to rate this movie I’d give it a…

Reason being: It’s a great movie with awesome special affects, and great at luring you into the story. But I don’t give it that last star because of three reasons. 1) I wasn’t a fan of Monday having kids. I thought that it was a little cheesy and unnecessary. 2) I also didn’t like the part where Monday comes out after getting shot, all bloody and stuff. I didn’t think it was really needed. 3) Finally, I thought it was a little long for it all, but that’s a really small one. These things aren’t a huge deal, they were just minor annoyances.

There you go guys! That’s what I thought of the Netflix Original: What Happened to Monday? I’m really starting to enjoy Netflix Originals. They’re much better, in my opinion, than Prime Originals. The only Prime Original I’ve enjoyed is the Jack Ryan series. Besides that, Netflix Originals have been much more enjoyable and well written. Thanks for reading guys! I’ll see ya!


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