Avengers Endgame. Probably the most anticipated film of all time. After over ten years of work, over twenty movies, and nine of them with Robert Downy Jr. we got the end to an amazing saga. The events that transpired in Endgame changed the way we will forever look at the MCU. Now, I know that its a way to late to do a movie review on this movie, because, well its over four months since it came out, but I will talk about some of the key moments for me, why this movie was amazing, and how its different from every other MCU movie.

Favorite Moments

When it comes to favorite moments, I could just say the entire movie. The entire movie is full of amazing scenes, from Hawkeye killing a bunch of Japanese gangsters to Ant-Man saluting Captain America’s ass. It’s full of unforgettable moments, but there were some moments in the film that touched me more emotionally than others, and that just blatantly shocked us more too. Today, I’ll talk about those moments.

  1. First one that shocked me the most was when Thor “went for the head”. Killing Thanos in the beginning of the movie really through me off. I wasn’t expecting him to die so soon. I mean, we saw from the trailers that Thanos was in it for more than just five seconds, but I was still surprised to see that happened. It just threw me off my rhythm.
  2. Second, the “Five Years Later” screen. When I saw the sign that said 5 Years Later, I couldn’t believe it. This was something that had been rumored about before the movie came out, but I don’t think anyone thought it would be this long. 5 Years is such a drastic amount, and now the entire MCU is four years ahead of us, in 2023. Before anyone ask why I said four years and not five, its because when Endgame first starts off its three weeks after Infinity War, which means its still 2018. THEN, it says 5 Years Later. Now, we’re in 2023. Caught up? Good.
  3. Next, was when Captain America stepped into the elevator, just like he did in Winter Soldier. For those of you who don’t know, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of my favorite MCU films. I’ve watched it over ten times, and one of the best scenes is when Captain America fights the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, aka Hydra, in the elevator. Watching this scene again, was so epic, but seeing Cap learn a different way to handle this situation was amazing…”Hail, Hydra.”
  4. Another shocking moment, was Black Widow’s death. I wasn’t expecting that. I honestly thought that Hawkeye was going to die. The reason for this was because, there were NO rumors that Scarlet Johanson wanted to leave the MCU. I mean, she had a freaking movie coming out in 2020. So seeing this happen really caught me off guard. Now this is something I would like to mention with this movie. Of all the MCU movies, and just movies in general for me, I don’t get surprised. I usually know everything is going to be ok. I can usually figure out what’s going to happen, but this movie took everything I thought I knew, and threw it out the window. Very few movies have done this to me. So I commend Anthony and Joe Russo for creating a movie that surprised me so much.
  5. My FAVORITE moment in the entire movie was when Captain America lifted Mjolnir. This was the best moment in the entire movie for me. I literally screamed like a five year old when I saw that. It was so crazy and amazing I didn’t know how to handle it. When he used his shield to create a shock wave with the hammer, I nearly cried. It was so amazing I could never do it justice with words.
  6. Of course we can’t have this list without the “Avengers…Assemble” moment. Every time I watch all the heroes pour threw the portals, starting with Black Panter and ending with Ant-Man, I think its just one of the greatest moments ever. I get goosebumps every time when I watch it. EVERY TIME! I’ve watched the movie seven times now! This moment is crazy, and another thing I would like to mention, is this was one of the moments that I was surprised about. When Captain America gets up to fight Thanos’s Army alone, I wasn’t sure how he was going to do it. Like seriously, I was genuinely confused, but as soon as Sam began to speak, I began to freak out. This moment is probably the biggest moment in all of MCU history, and maybe even cinematic history.
  7. Probably many people say this is there favorite part. When Tony Stark says the legendary line, “I am Iron Man.” This movie was truly a wonderful ride, but when Tony Stark said those lines, I think everyone cried. It was such a wonderful moment, but also a sad one as we saw our favorite hero die. One thing I would like to say, is that the “I am Iron Man” line was actually the last line/scene to be recorded in the entire movie. The Russo Brothers confirmed it in an interview.
  8. The last amazing scene was Captain America getting his dance with Petty Carter. This was one of the most amazing moments in the film. Rogers finally got his dance. If your a Captain America fan like me, you knew this moment was AMAZING!
  9. HONORABLE MENTIONS: 1) When Captain America gives the shield to Sam, 2) When Morgan says, “I love you 3000.”, 3) When Morgan asks for a cheeseburger, 4) When all the heroes are gathered at Stark’s funeral, 5) Seeing Pepper in the Iron Man suit, 6) When Sam says, “On your left.”, 7) When all the female superheroes group up, 8) When Iron Man gets saved by Captain Marvel, and 9) When Ant-Man says, “That’s America’s ass.” 🙂

These our just a few of the many parts of this movie that I loved. I could have gone on and on. However, I would like this post to not take an hour to read, so we’re moving on the next point of this post!

Why This Movie Was Amazing

Now, Avengers Endgame is amazing. There’s no question about it, but why was it as good as it was? How did the directors, the writers, and the actors all create such an amazing movie? We’ve seen movies where people were so excited for them, that you feel like the movie could have never lived up to the expectations. Batman V. Superman is a great example of this. Besides the fact that this movie was horrible, people were so hyped about this movie that it would have been very hard to make it as good as it needed to be, but that’s no excuse for how bad that movie was!

Avengers Endgame had the same situation, but unlike BvS, the directors, writers, and actors all knew what they were doing. They were all dedicated to the show, the movie, and the characters. These people know their stuff. The Russo brothers are huge nerds, therefore, they know what us nerds want in a superhero movie. We want to see Captain America life Mjolnir. We want to see Captain Marvel fly threw Thanos’s ship. We want to see Steve get his dance with Peggy Carter. These are things that the Russo Brothers, as fans, wanted to see so they knew we wanted to see it too. This is why Marvel Studios is better than Warner Brothers in general. Because Marvel and Disney care about their films. They want their audience to be happy. You want to know why? Because they make a bunch of money when they’re audience is happy. Endgame grossed over 2.4 billion dollars. Justice League make 657 million. Thor Ragnarok made over 800 million in its first week.

Now I want to talk about Justice League for a moment and how it was ruined by Warner Brothers. Justice League, should have been as big as Avengers. Not as big as Endgame, but around the hype as the first Avengers movie, but it wasn’t. Thor 3 came out a week before Justice League. I remember that as it got closer to the release of Thor, NO ONE was talking about Justice League. Want to know why? Because after Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and Suicide Squad we were done seeing good superheroes get treated like dirt, but EVERY ONE was excited about Thor Ragnarok. Because we love Thor. Because Thor was being represented well on the big screen, and the DC heroes weren’t.

The reason why I’m talking about Justice League is because I’m comparing the movies. This is why Endgame was amazing. When you care about your audience, and you hire people who care about comic book characters, your movies are going to be a lot better than you hire some weirdo to make a batman vs superman movie.

Why Endgame is Different From the Other MCU Movies

Endgame is different than the other MCU movies, because unlike the other movies, its a love letter. Its a letter saying thank you, to all of us fans for watching this movie. We got so many Easter eggs in this movie its crazy. The entire movie is just a thank you for watching the MCU and supporting Marvel. I’ve mentioned it twice and I’ll mention it again, Captain America lifting the hammer is a big deal, because we all wanted him to do it in Age of Ultron, but he didn’t. They gave us that moment as a thank you! Endgame is the love letter from Marvel Studios to us, the fans.

Well there you go guys. Not exactly a review, but a brief overview of what I love about this movie and why it was so successful. I love this movie. It was one of the greatest movies of all time, and although I’m sad it didn’t beat Avatar in the box office, I still love this movie 3000. Have a good one guys! See ya in the next post!

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