Tavern Brawl is a special part, of Hearthstone. It’s one of the ever-changing parts of Hearthstone. It’s where things can get a little….crazy. Tavern Brawl differs from the traditional standard mode of Hearthstone.

What is a Tavern Brawl? Tavern Brawls are different game modes that are swapped every week. For around four days of the week we have this Tavern Brawl open, and then for the other three, it’s close while the developers create the next weeks Brawl. So, almost every Tavern Brawl is new, but occasionally you may get one that is an older one. Especially when new expansions come out, it may be more fun trying a Tavern Brawl with the new cards.

One of the Tavern Brawls, for instance, was where you had three cards, and they shuffle ten copies of each three cards. So, if you put Patches, Gang Up, and Preparation as your deck, then you’re deck will have ten copies of Patches, ten copies of Gang Up, and ten copies of Preparation. That’s your deck. Fun? Well, that’s up to you.

And if you don’t like ANY of these Tavern Brawls, then you can always do it for the packs. The first win you get in your Tavern Brawl awards you a pack. It’s not every win, but only your first win. Do it for the pack then, right?

Tavern Brawl is an interesting mode of Hearthstone, and another key to the card industry that makes it different. Magic The Gathering can’t really do that right now, though Magic Arena might start catching up with Hearthstone. We’ll see.

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