Fortnite is a unique game. Just kidding. Fortnite is one among several shooting games, including Player’s Unknown Battleground (PUBG) and Rules of Survival. Don’t give me wrong, I like Fortnite, but it’s not as special as people give credit for. The building concept of the game is fun and exciting. Is it enough to make it different from other games, though? What makes Fortnite unique? Let’s find out.

Fortnite’s unique part is it’s community. PUBG and Rules of Survival don’t have a community like Fortnite. It’s playfulness and building mechanic makes it fun and interesting. The fact that everything is silly and cartoonish helps too. It’s much more kid friendly than PUBG. PUBG is more realistic than Fortnite, but it can old waiting behind a tree with an AKM for half the game. Fortnite keeps the game interesting and fun. The vibrant color also makes people more into the game too.

Fortnite isn’t unique, but it’s fun, interesting, and keeps audiences engage. I would recommend Fortnite to any gamer who was interested in having a fun time.

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