PUBG, Player’s Unkown Battlegrounds, has been with me for awhile. I suck at the game, but I do enjoy playing it. Like several other MBRG games (Multiplayer Battle Royal Game), PUBG is one where you must survive. Unlike it’s predecessor Fortnite, PUBG is a more realistic approach to this arena. Just like I said in my Love Letter to Fortnite, PUBG isn’t a special game. It’s just like any other MBRG game, but I do like the sense of tension you get by playing PUBG.


I played PUBG before I played Fortnite or Rules of Survival. Each game is fun, but I feel like PUBG has the most realistic feel than any of the others. I love the hiding behind trees and being patient. Who can take out who. Fortnite, there is no hiding, except in the buildings you make. Fortnite has a very silly vibe about it, but PUBG has a more serious point in the game. I like PUBG and I wanted to make this post as a thank you to PUBG for the good times.

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