Janice. One of the most hated/loved characters in all of Friends, Janice is one of those people that doesn’t ever EVER go away! EVER! No matter what happens, she’ll always come back. Even if you’re married, she’ll find you! Janice is every man’s worst nightmare. She’ll find you and kill you. Ok, maybe not.


Janice is a hilarious character. Her obsession with Chandler, even when she/or he is married. Janice to some can be hilarious or funny. Depends on your humor, but I always thought Janice was hilarious. Her personality is gold, and somehow makes you come back…every time. I wanted to mention Janice because she’s a part of the show, whether anyone likes it or not. I say this because of all the side characters, Janice is probably is the biggest. Her biggest competitor would be Gunther. Gunther of course would be number one because…well it’s Gunther.

But I just wanted to say that Janice is a delightful character who will always keep you on your toes. Her annoying personality makes her one of the show’s biggest side character ever. She’s funny, weird, and annoying. She’s awesome. Here’s to Janice!


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