In case you different know, I love movies and TV shows! OMG!!! Shocker right?! Now, I know this isn’t a new reveal, but what you may have not known, is that I love anime. Anime wasn’t one of my favorite things ever, until I was introduced into a certain show, I will talk about soon. Anime is amazing! It has an interesting and unique feel to it. It’s different than your typical TV show. It’s art work and humor is different than any other type of show I’ve ever watched.

So, anime, this is my love letter to you, in a way. Today, we’re gonna talk about my two favorite anime shows. Please note, that these are just about what I enjoy and not about specific details.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Now, this is a show that I’ve loved for a VERY long time. I’ve watched this show so many times that some might say I’m a little obsessed. In fact, I’m probably gonna watch some Avatar after I finish this post. 🙂

But Avatar was my first anime I ever watched. Like ever…

So it’ll always have a special spot in my heart.

But Avatar is amazing, and I will definitely have a post about it for the future. What makes Avatar amazing, is the childhood adventure that it brings. When Aang begins his journey, he’s just a kid, and when he ends it…he still a kid, but he’s matured so much and has a new sense of renewal about him.

You get to have this adventure with him! You get to grow, learn, experience, and more. YOU the watcher get to have all this humor, childishness, lovely characters, and story line all at your finger tips. I personally fine that amazing.

The characters are the best part of Avatar: Sokka, Katara, Aang, Toph, Zuko, Suki, Apa, Momo, and more. All these characters are fantastic and make the show what it is. Sokka’s comic relief is amazing! Of all the characters in the show, Sokka has a special place in my heart, but so does Zuko. His determination to overcome all obstacles and to find himself and to do the right thing is inspiring.

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For those of you who don’t know, Castlevania started off as a video game, and the Netflix Original is just based off of the video game. Castlevania is completely different than Avatar: The Last Airbender. Yet it’s more similar than some would think, but both TV shows have different goals that they accomplished miraculously.

Avatar is more cheerful and adventuress, but Castlevania. Wow.

Castlevania is definetly adventuress, but it’s not that cheerful. Castlevania is very dark, and bloody. Like REALLY bloody and gory, and has a good amount of language. So, kids watch out! Lol.

But those things don’t pull you away from the amazing story line and brilliant characters. In fact they actually kinda help it.

Castlevania is about vampires and Dracula. The show is secretively luring, and if you watch it, you won’t want to stop watching it. It has a captivating quality to it, that is unique and great. Castlevania is a the most recent anime I’ve watched, and is a great show.

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Well, those are my two favorite anime TV shows. Let me know which one you guys think is better! I’m excited to give these two their own posts! Until next time! See ya!


One thought on “Anime. How You Secretly Slipped Your Way Into My Heart.

  1. Well done! I liked how your post was a recap of the your favorite shows, but also shared your opinion at the same time. As a brand new blogger, your post was inspiring, nostalgic, and educational at the same time so thanks for that. As I mentioned I am new to blogging and just started my own blog about all things avatar as well as my buddy and i’s project to rewrite the film. I would appreciate it if you or any of your readers would be willing to briefly look at my first few posts and give some feedback on how to improve them and my blog all at the same time. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon, Daniel ( aka The Last Snag).

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