Of all the anime shows that I’ve watched, Castlevania is definitely one of my favorite shows. You know the saying blood, sweat, and tears. Well, you will experience all of these things, and another emotion: fear! Castlevania will make you scared of the dark, and will make you wonder whether or not you will survive the night.

What makes the show fantastic is everything. The story line is thrilling, the characters humorous and fantastic, and the animation is flawless.

Besides Stranger Things and House of Cards, I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed the Netflix Originals. I always thought they were trying too hard or they were over the top dramatic, but Castlevania showed me that Netflix knows what they’re doing. This TV series proved that Netflix Originals are awesome!

The Story Line

Of all the anime’s I’ve watched, few come in comparison to the story line of Castlevania. It’s story line, originating from the game: Castlevania, is brilliant. It keeps up on edge and curious about what’s going to happen next.

Season 1 did a great job introducing you to the characters. It showed you everything that was going on, why it was happening, and who these characters were. The first season was also focused, mainly, on the good guys: Trevor Belmont, Alucard, and Sypha Belnades. It shows these characters uniting together.

Season 2, on the other hand, gives us a deeper story line on the villains of this show. Dracula, of course, is the main villain, but you have other ones as well: Isaac, Hector, The Bishop, and we can’t forget Carmilla.

I’ll say it again: the story line of this show is marvelous. Having Dracula’s wife killed, was a huge part in the show, but showing us her death was heart wrenching. She knows that if they kill her, that they would all die…


She was trying to spare their lives, and even in the first episode, when she is being burned to the stake, she is begging Dracula not to kill them all. Of course we know he does anyway, but to have a story line revolve around one character, is interesting.

The created this interesting story with Dracula, saying he’s in pain. He’s mourning. He wants to die. It’s the small things in this show that leave me left in awe and in wonder.

The Characters

Now, we already talked about them a little bit, but the characters in this show are truly spectacular. Never before, have I had a character that grabbed me by the heart, the way that Trevor Belmont did. His character, in my opinion, evolves the most. He goes from being a drunk bad a** with a whip, to an awesome bad a** with the Morning Star Whip.

When I saw him use that whip on a vampire…wow. It was amazing.

Other characters like, Isaac, surprised me. Isaac was a man who I wasn’t expecting to like, but he caught me off guard. His creepy loyalty towards Dracula, and his insane pass, in which he kills his former master, left me uneasy. This character is different from all the rest. The closest he relates too, is Carmilla. The only reason I say that, is because they are both crazy enslavers, who will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Carmilla is also a brilliant villain. Her ways of persuasion and convincing Hector to betrayed Dracula was impressive. She’s deceptive and queer. She’s always ready to kill you, and I have to say, I wasn’t sure if she was going to grab me, through the TV, and kill me. In my opinion, I felt like I truly knew Carmilla on the last episode of season 2. I’m talking about the part where she puts a collar on Hector’s neck. This wasn’t only showing her power over humanity and Hector, but it defines Carmilla in general. She cares about no one, and everyone is her pet.

The Animation

Of all the animation I have seen, Castlevania had some of the most beautiful displays of artwork. The explosions, the guts and blood, and the amazing way they were showing each characters emotions perfectly, kept me wanting more.

Some of the most beautiful scenes, were when Trevor used his metal whip, and blow up some of the vampires. That animation was beautiful.

It was a different style of animation as well. It very detailed and strenuous. It kept people wanting to watch more and more. The lighting was perfect. One of my favorite scenes is where the Bishop, is about to die in the church. The creatures are surrounding him. This scene wasn’t fantastic, just because it had the worse person in the world dying. It was the small things. Like the lighting in the church, the monsters that crept around the room, and the crazy bishop that was standing like a statue knowing he was about to die.

The animation, of this show, creates a feeling that you don’t get easily.


Catlevania is an awesome show. If I could use one word to describe it, I would use: thrilling. This show always has you on the edge of your seat, and you want to keep watching it. I binged watch the entire series, and every second of it was amazing.

Shout out to Netflix, for creating an amazing TV show, once again. Not only did you create an amazing anime, but you did justice to a fantastic game.

Let me know, what you think of the Castlevania show. Also, if you’re excited for season 3, like me, than go ahead and let me know, what you’re hoping to see! Until next time!


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