Disney. Why Disney!? You could have made this movie amazing. The trailer looked great, the action was flawless, and the sound of Mark Hamill’s voice all made me believe that this movie was going to be freakin awesome!

But, just like watching Spider-Man turn into dust made me feeling empty and alone, this movie did the same thing, but for the wrong reasons…

The Last Jedi is the second movie that Disney has made for their trilogy. They’ve made other movies such as Rogue One, and the most recent released, Solo a Star Wars Movie, but these aren’t part of the trilogy. This movie was suppose to explain, in a satisfying way, all the questions we had: Who is Rey’s parents, who is Snoke, and how did Anakin’s original light saber get found?

But apparently, we’ve got none of this. This movie crushed my heart in a million pieces over an agonizing three months as I continued to think about it…

Anyway…why did Disney ruin this movie.

P.S. Spoilers up ahead.

Last Jedi Review.

Disney has been taking over companies for the characters they hold to earn revenue. Take Star Wars for instance. Disney bought Lucas films for several billion dollars from George Lucas, and now they’ve started making their own movies, with different villains, plot-lines, and characters.

Several people believe that Disney is butchering the Star Wars franchise, though. Some may disagree, but the majority of us Star Wars nerds have been upset with the outcome of the films.

Now, this isn’t because they aren’t visually beautiful. The Last Jedi, by far, was the most beautiful Star Wars film. The CGI was gorgeous and the camera work was fantastic. The story line however and this god forsaken script, made it arguably the worst Star Wars film ever.

Disney doesn’t know when to stop.

Star Wars the Last Jedi, was horrible, and the reason for this was because of Disney wanting to make money. Wanting to make money is find, and a company needs this desire to stay in business and to make good movies, but it’s like I said a second ago,

“Disney doesn’t know when to stop.”

They won’t kill off characters, franchises, or series because they want to make more money. The Last Jedi is a great example for this. The Last Jedi was so close to being amazing, but they butchered it because of they want to keep this trilogy going. If they truly wanted this movie to be the best it could have been, they would have done three simple things.

  1. The first thing they would have done, is they would have killed off Leia. I know, that everyone loves Leia, but wouldn’t that have been a more satisfying ending than her getting blown into space, floating around like Mary Poppins, and being in a coma for half the movie. The problem with Leia’s character was that she doesn’t have a purpose for being alive.
  2. Next, they should have never introduced Rose, and they shouldn’t have had that side mission. Rose, is a completely useless character in this movie. She is quite adorable, but besides that she’s annoying, irrelevant, and just a plain idiot. The side mission, as well, was just plain dumb. It was just a reason to put in an extra thirty minutes in the movie.
  3. Finally, Luke shouldn’t have a been a winy, depress, green milk drinking hobo. This is not the Luke we know. In the original trilogy, Luke was literally the symbol of hope. If anyone is suppose to believe in the Jedi, the force, or helping Rey it’s Luke. Mark Hamill himself said that this Luke in the Last Jedi isn’t who Luke really is. Luke, in this film, didn’t do anything except for complain, drink disgusting milk, and die. Luke was the key character that could have turned this all around. Even if everything had stay the same, except for him, this movie would have been way better.
  4. Oh, and a bonus round. Rian Johnson doesn’t know how space works at all. The girl, Rose’s sister, can apparently breathe in space, and also he thinks that gravity works the same in space as it does on earth. It doesn’t, ok? IT DOESN’T!!!

Now, this was just three reasons! I have more…so much more! But the point I’m trying to make is why did Disney do these awful things? Well, first I’m going to show you what they should have done instead:

  1. Just like I said before, Leia should have died. This would have created a much better setting for what this film was going to be.
  2. Next, is Vice Admiral Holdo. Wow, was she stupid. There was literally, no reason to hide her plan from the Poe. All she had to do was to explain to him what was going on, but she didn’t. Now, this could have been fine if SHE ACTUALLY DIDN’T HAVE A PLAN. If they hadn’t given her a plan, and Poe Dameron’s mutiny had worked, that would have been pretty cool. But they didn’t.
  3. Again not introducing Rose, would have made that movie a lot better.
  4. Finn could have been awesome in this movie. If Disney had allowed this, Finn could have been amazing. If he had died, saving the resistance, this would have given him the end that he deserved, and given us, the audience, sense of satisfaction. BUT NO! This is Disney! We can’t possibly kill off a character that’s going to give them money…I hate you Rose.
  5. Luke Skywalker is amazing, and like I said before, could have definitely turned this movie around. Luke should have been like Yoda. Reluctant to teach Rey at first, but than grow to realize that she is capable and strong enough to use the force. To give her HOPE! I’m sorry, I’m very passionate about this movie. This would have been inspiring to see. Finally, I didn’t have a problem that Luke died, but it was how he died. Luke should have actually been on the planet when he fought Kylo Ren. He should have been like Obi-Wan. Acting more wise than snarky. This would have let us see that he had moved on from his past mistakes and was one with the force. If he had not said, “And I will not be the last Jedi.” than that would have been great. The reason being is because he’s listening to Yoda and letting the past die.
  6. The last thing they could have done, to save this movie, was to stop trying to make shocking and stupid reveals. I’m talking about when Luke throws the light saber away, like a piece of garbage. That wasn’t funny, that was stupid. We ended the last movie all excited for this moment and this is how you treat it? Another example is when Rose crashes into Finn, stopping him from saving the resistance. We’ve already cover this so I won’t go to deep, but you get my point. They were trying to hard to make stupid surprises.

As you can see, I’m very passionate about this film. It had the potential to be one of the greatest Star Wars films, but they butchered it. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s true.

Why Disney? WHY?!

Disney has a habit of doing things like this to movies. They want Leia to be alive. They want Fin to stay alive. They want Rose for some reason. They want Mark Hamill’s character to be a winy brat. These things make them money, but doing the opposite of these movies makes a better story line. But who cares about story, dialogue, and history when you can make 517.1 million dollars, who cares.

So in the end, this movie sucks. It’s beautiful and I will definitely give credit where credit is due.

The scene where she hyper spaces into the flag ship was amazing. It was gorgeous and one of the coolest scenes ever. Also when Kylo Ren and Rey fight off the imperial guards was an amazing scene. I also would like to say, I think it would have been cool if Rey had accepted Kylo Ren’s offer to join him. This would have been a unique way to end the movie. Than they could either have her change her mind in the last movie or have Rey die. Both ends would have been a different turn on the two traditional trilogies.

But Disney won’t change. I think that’s evident. The reason is simple: the people. As long as we keep going to these horrible movies, they’ll keep making them. I’m not saying to boycott, but I’m saying that Disney isn’t going to change unless we force it too!

Well, there you guys! Hope you enjoyed the post, and I’ll see you guys next time!


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